Cheyenne's Free Insulation Upgrade Offer
Put Money Back In Your Pocket
How the program works

The Residential Envelope Measures Retrofit program provides incentives to customers who improve the efficiency of their homes through the installation of insulation and other thermal envelope measures.

The program covers a wide variety of measures, including roof, wall, and foundation insulation, infiltration measures (e.g., caulking, window film, etc). In order to qualify for these rebates, an In Home Energy Audit must be completed first.

These rebates do not qualify for Electric Only fuel customers.

How to Qualify
What is covered / How Much?




Insulation (ceiling)

R-38 or greater

70% of the Cost up to $750

Insulation (wall)

R-11 or greater

70% of the Cost up to $750

Infiltration control

Weather-stripping, caulking, etc.

70% of the Cost up to $200

Insulation (floor)

R-25 or greater

70% of the Cost up to $750

Insulation (duct)


70% of the Cost up to $170

Now for the FREE Part

In addition to the rebates above, Ward Insulation will also give a 30% credit up to $200.00 for letting us place our yard sign in your front yard!

That means that insulation upgrades up to $950.00 can be COMPLETELY FREE!

Call or Email us for details.